meet Sandra

{in about 90 seconds}

Next to love, I believe imagination to be our greatest power. Without it, we couldn’t create a better world. I believe we are all extraordinary, and our capacity for peace, self-healing, joy, and compassion is immeasurable. I have always believed that a light heart is easier to carry than a heavy one and that my life’s challenges are simply catalysts for my spiritual growth. Perception is everything, and I believe everyone is my teacher. I admire people who have the courage to be unapologetic about who they are and fearless about living from their heart. Being vulnerable stretches us to our true size. Hearts may crack, but our resiliency is unparalleled, and the difficult stories that help shape us, also hold the greatest space for our expansion. I believe a sense of humor will always save the day, and that laughter is great medicine.

My background is art. I love the dance between imagination, form, color and surface. I continue to paint and explore my world of art and you can visit that here and here. I love that it’s always changing.

In 2006, I began learning about alternative forms of healing. There is nothing like one’s desire and thirst to heal that leads one to the well. With this longing to connect to something bigger and deeper, I began my exploration through books, workshops, and certifications. My expanded awareness through self-realization is a continuous and fluid journey. Experiencing life through the lens of love and freedom is extraordinary.

I was trained personally by Dolores Cannon in 2013 and am certified in QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level II – Dedicated Practitioner). I am also certified in BQH – Beyond Quantum Healing (online hypnosis) created by Candace Craw-Goldman, a former student of Dolores Cannon. I have dedicated my time to expanding my awareness and consciousness through a variety of modalities, and from these I have integrated the teachings in order to provide a comprehensive service that promotes well-being through the human energetic fields, both physical and non-physical. I believe that we are all self-healers who at times, need a little help. The more love we can discover within, the more we can reflect our dynamic and divine essence to each other. Our inner landscape profoundly influences the landscape of our world.