The QHHT & BQH session is broken up into two parts. This first part of the session begins with discussing your purpose for wanting a session, which generally leads us to focus more about your life, the people in your life, health, career, any main lessons, goals and intentions. We will go over your questions to clarify them. The second part is the hypnosis portion where you will travel through a life experience and reach your Higher Self for insights, healing and answers to your questions.

  • QHHT First Time: Approximately 4 hours; Offered Sunday Only
  • QHHT Return Visit: Approximately 3 hours; Offered Sunday & Monday
  • BQH First Time: Approximately 4 hours; Offered Monday & Tuesday
  • BQH Return Visit: Approximately 3 hours; Offered Monday & Tuesday
  • INTUITIVE CONSULTATION: 60 minutes; Contact to schedule a session.

Service Fees:

  • QHHT or BQH First Time: $400
  • QHHT or BQH Return Visit: $300
  • INTUITIVE CONSULTATION: $111 (60 minutes)

For a QHHT or BQH session, questions may include concerns about health, trauma, self-worth issues, life path questions, career changes, relationships and other curiosities. There are no taboo subjects for your list. Your Higher Self will not shy away from anything they deem is important for you to know. Take the time you need to compile a list of between 10 to 20 questions. We will spend a little time refining your list on the day of your session.

For a Consultation session, since we are limited to 60 minutes, keep your questions to a few important issues that you would like to address at this moment in your life.

There is very little difference between the two. The most important consideration for choosing an in-person or an online session is your comfort level. Some people are simply more comfortable in the same physical space with their practitioner or in the privacy of their home.

Remote sessions are performed online and require a strong internet connection. While booking a remote session, you will be able to see the time of the session based on your location and time zone.