intuitive consultation - online

Consultation sessions are a great way to connect with Sandra about anything you are currently struggling with.

When you book a session, you will receive 60 or 90 minutes of dedicated time to dive into an area of your life where you desire clarity. When new perceptions are formed, an opening is created to assist you in taking new steps toward healing and transformation. This is where Sandra uses any/all of her magical tools to reflect back to you what she hears your soul communicating, and she will guide you through processes to bring the internal clarity and innerstanding, so you can take your next steps forward.

Much can be learned and even resolved in an intuitive consultation. Ask questions about any topic or issue you are currently facing for insights and and new perceptions. You will discover helpful tools to assist you on your path to living a more authentic life. Wherever you need to go, this consultation is the pathway to it.

We are all self-healers who at times, need a little help. The more love we can discover within, the more we can reflect our dynamic and divine essence to each other. Our inner landscape profoundly influences the landscape of our world.

Consultations are held via Zoom or phone and are arranged via email. Please send an email inquiry with a short description of your focus for your consultation along with your preferred day and time (Sunday – Wednesday). Sandra will email you a few options. To confirm your appointment, please purchase the session time duration (60 or 90 minutes) that you desire for your consultation.

  • Contact to schedule a session or for inquiries.
  • ONLINE: Sunday – Wednesday

Make sure that you are in a location where you will be comfortable and not be disturbed. If you have chosen a consult via Zoom instead of phone, a strong internet connection is required. Showing up with an open heart and mind is always recommended.